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A1 Computers

A1 Computers is a leading Technical Service Company, always developing our corporate relationship with our valued clients through highly skilled professionals and Expertise , passing by our commitment to deliver the best quality projects and services, as well as our solid base of reputation in the market which was built by fulfilling the satisfactions of our clients, and last but not least is our adaptability and flexibility to our valued customer’s needs .

A1 Computers Services is a dynamic, progressive company that provides Technical and general contracting services for industrial, institutional, commercial and hi-tech businesses; we offer operations services and maintenance contracting and facilities management expertise .

Vision :

A1 Computers Services wants to provide high quality Technical Service , Consulting, Training, Contracting .

Mission :

In the 21st century, the life style is improving in a very fast rhythm, either in the personal life, or in the communities in general, We are here at A1 Computers taking the responsibility to be up to the standards of our century, and to provide the latest technologies to our community in many fields, which will be mentioned in a later stage in this profile.

A1 Computers Services


  • MotherBoard Service/ Repairs
  • Hard Disk Service / Repairs
  • SMPS Services / Repairs
  • Assembling of New Systems ( Computers )
  • Used Systems Upgradation
  • Sales and Services
  • Monthly / Quarterly / Annaul Maintenances
  • Laptops

  • MotherBoard Service/ Repairs
  • Hard Disk Service and Replacement
  • Replacement of Hinges / Brackets
  • Replacement of Display Screen
  • Replacement of Full Body Panel
  • Rentals

  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Monitors
  • Printers and UPS
  • Specialisation :

  • Removal of Viruses , Data Recovery .
  • Security Solutions

  • IP based Security Cameras
  • Multi-Locations Survelliance
  • Network DVR
  • Home Security Systems
  • CCTV Camera

  • Networking Solutions

    LAN Network
  • Implementation of Networks
  • Structured Cabling
  • Higher end Routers , Racks and Modems available

  • Wireless Networking
  • Point to Point
  • Point to Multi Points
  • Wi-Fi Setups IP Phones
  • Fire & Safety Installations

  • Installation of Water Sprinklers
  • Placement of Fire Extinguisher
  • Higher end Routers , Racks and Modems available

  • Placemnt of Hose Reel
  • Placement of Smoke Dectors
  • Monthly / Quarterly / Annually Inspections/Maintenace
  • Our Clients